Monday, July 11, 2011


Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta. They are typically stuffed with a mix of meat (pork loin, prosciutto) or cheese. Originally from the Italian region of Emilia (in particular Bologna and Modena), they are usually served in broth, meat broth, either of beef, chicken, or both.

Laurie had been working since 6.00 am and it was now 11.00 pm. All day he had been greeting and meeting the various guests into our villas, apartments and pool properties in and around central Spoleto. Usually he cooks for us both. On this occasion, I thought I'd surprise him. In the fridge was a packet of tortellini and on the packet it stated boldly, "2 MINUTES". Amazing ! I popped it into the microwave, in a dish, naturally. And, I watched the wonders of modern science unfold. The packet blew up and exploded, just as the 2 minute ding sounded. Fast foods are truly miraculous. I spooned the very hot mass - it was all stuck together - of tortellinin into a dish. The tortellini were small to begin with but they were now the size of new peas. Obviously a new type of tortellini. I sliced parmigiano over the mass and attempted to separate some of the large coagulated lumps. But, to no avail. Obviously, it was meant to be stuck together.

Laurie arrived home, ravenous. No time too eat in 18 hours. He immediately coated the lot in tomato ketchup. But, surprisingly, he left half of it. Having only eaten 2 giant bags of patate fritte (crisps to non Italian speakers), washed down by a litre of wine, I was also hungry.So, I ate the remaining mass of tortellini. It was amazingly al dente. And, I congratulated myself on having cooked my first meal ever.

Then, Laurie explained that the pasta had been fresh and should have been cooked in boiling water for 2 minutes. So, the hard tiny pellets could have tasted a tad better, had I read the instructions. But, heck, I can't read Italian either ! Duhhhhh......

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